Photo by: Katie Jameson Photo

From a young age, I have loved the art of handwriting and all things paper.  As a child, one of my favorite parts of each holiday was the stationary that went along with the event.  When I came across the art of modern calligraphy as an adult, it immediately became a passion.

I started my calligraphy journey by taking classes in workshops in many different fonts and styles.  From there, I branched out into suite design and creating artwork that complimented the lettering.  I then launched Lithesome Lettering, and have been fortunate enough to pursue my passion professionally.

My mission with Lithesome Lettering is to create beautiful, one of a kind works; combining calligraphy and art to perfectly enhance weddings and events.  By primarily using modern, yet elegant lettering in neutral hues with pops of brightness; my hope is to add a lithesome quality to the events I am invited to be a part of.